WD Red (wd20efrx) heads noise under load

Hi there!

I just bought brand new WD Red 2TB. I had no problems with HDD recognition after it installation. Also all programs are showing 100% SMART for it. But I can hear heads working. The higher is the load on HHD - the more often heads crackling. My previous HDD from other vendor was quite noisy but it never crackled. And brand new WD Red doing this. Should I request for RMA or it’s normal situation?

Thank you.

Upd. I just ran it through HD Tune benchmark. Is it ok result for brand new HDD? I will not even talk about crackle that accompanied it. It’s with working torrent on just 2 Mb/s.

This without torrent.

Hello there,

Try diagnosing the drive using DLG t see if there are any issues with he drive, a lot of noise on the drive could mean a bad thing, but to make sure i suggest running a diagnostic on it.


Hi ArMak,

I just finished extended test and drive passed it succesfully. I don’t think that there is an issue with my drive but I think it might be some incorrect manufucture for example of reading heads. I assume. When I spoke yeaterday with support specialist he said that the difference in dBa in idle state and under load for this drive just 3 or 4 points. But under load my drive is making crackling noise which you can hear even in another room. Yes, in the past I had some drivers with crackling heads and I understand that HDD is already obsolete technology but without so much noise. Honestly speaking I’m a little bit confused…

Upd. I’ve contacted with retailer and they agreed to RMA it and will make a refund. Case is closed.