WD Quick View will not install on MAC

Downloaded the Quick View software as below:

The software will not install and reports the following:

This system has had a previous working version of this software which was removed. I have performed a complete deletion of the previous version. System is macOS Sierra V 10.12.1

Thanks for your help.

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Officially, WD Quick View is not supported on that OS.
Supported Operating Systems

Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac OS X 10.10

That does not mean that it wont work. Have you tried reinstalling the application? Make sure that you are log in as the admin on the computer and test that again.

Why not?

Has it been declared obsolete?
Has it been replaced with some other application?

Why does the download page not explain this?

MacOS has moved on. WD should either keep track, or explain why they haven’t.

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working fine on my Mac 10.12.1 for months now. Maybe you should ask support why the installation failed.

A common problem has been Arial not being enable/installed in the ‘font book’.

I dunno, mine is off though.

Same problem. Cant install wd qw to the new mac (sierra).

Raised a support case with WD on 1/1/17. Status - Open

It is possible to make it work. Please check my workaround here:

Thanks Dan. I have had a response from WD Support confirming that Quick View will not install on 10.12. However it goes on to say that in order to use the WD My Cloud drive this software is not vital or necessary, this software only shows the drive’s status as its name says “Quickview”, it is just a quick view to the drive status. But you can verify the drive’s status by accessing the drive’s dashboard.

See - http://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=13965

I probably should have known this but life’s too short to remember the ins and outs of every piece of hardware.

So I publish the information here to possibly help the others on this thread who are having the same problem.

That’s true, is not needed. Anyway the similar replacement for this app is WD Access and you can install it on Sierra. I just posted that workaround as seems to work fine and there are people that still wants to use Quick View.

No WD software is needed for local access and control of the MyCloud. All control can be done via the Dashboard. (Oh, apart from safe shutdown of v2 devices, due to some strange decision by WD to hide the control in the UI; it can be done via SSH, though).