Quick View will not install on Win 10

Had to try and re-install quick view and fails every time using exe file with the message " The Installation package could not be found Please verify … etc.

Used MSI file to try and repair and then restart but does nothing … in Apps WD quick view there is no icon there and clicking does nothing although quick view then appears in task manager :frowning:

If i navigate to Drive in File Explorer the all i see is Public shared folders Photoo and Video , so have no idea as to state of Drive .

File History refuses to run through Control panel ststing that last succesful run was July last year … yest when i look at recovering files , it shows recent backups as set ???

What on earth is going on …

Disabled AV and turned on network discoverabilty … any ideas ?

Regards Rich

Thanks :slight_smile: … remembered i can access the drive by ip address on the network … file history had stopped due to full drive but was still over writing old files :slight_smile:

Thanks again Rich :slight_smile: