WD Quick View with Windows 10

Does anyone have Quick View working in Windows 10? It installs no problem but if you right click the icon, the only options are “about wd quick view” and exit. I tried playing around with compatibility mode but didn’t have any luck. I am running Windows 10 Enterprise x64.

it is working in win10. are you running antivirus/firewall?

if yes, turn them off and see what happens. if you get it to work, then you need to configure antivirus/firewall settings.

Firewall is exactly what it was. Turning it off as a test worked. I started hunting for the ports I needed then realized this whole problem was part of my own doing. I had turned off the option to make my computer discoverable in network settings a long time ago. I found out when you do that, it automatically sets the network location type of your connection to “public” instead of private. Once I turned discoverablilty back on, it flipped my network connection back over to private and quick view started working immediately. Didn’t have to add any ports to firewall.