WD PR4100 VPN Client help

Hello all,

I have a WD PR4100 NAS with a Plex server, Transmission, and medusa installed working great. I believe openVPN is installed by default already but there is no WEB GUI access. I would like my NAS to connect to the internet using my IPVanish information and maintain that connection even after reboot. Could anyone provided me with a step by step solution? Sorry I am a noob when it comes to Linux and don’t want to brick the NAS. I have searched the forums and found a few different topics for other MYCloud devices, but I am unsure if it is safe to follow the same steps.

Once i get the VPN connected will it affect my plex server settings? Will I still be able to access my WD Nas from my local network from my PC that will not be using a VPN?

Thank you for all the help!

Figured it out. Ended up using this guide: https://nordvpn.com/tutorials/wd-mycloud/openvpn/

Everything works great. Plex still works and i am still able to access everything will all PCs on the network.

Only thing different with the guide instead of typing openvpn.bin filename, just type openvpn filename to start it.

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Hi agtsoul

Do you also know how to disable or remove vpn from the NAS Drive. I have a PR4100


Along those same lines…

WD PR4100 is running Linux, so this support article walks through how to get setup on Linux. It provides a little more flexibility if you want to get into the nitty gritty and choose from an array of different connections using Linux’s terminal.

One of the main differences is that the article I posted recommends changing directories (cding) to the /etc/openvpn directory prior to downloading the vpn config files instead of just dumping everything in /home/root like the article @agtsoul mentioned suggests (it just has you connect via SSH and immediately start dumping files, which means you’re dumping them in /home/root.

Basically… if you really want to nerd out, you can use the article I mentioned but @agtsoul’s is a practical, simplified one that works great too.