NORDVPN Connection

So I have just got a pr2100 and I am setting it all up how I want.

I have a couple of weird issues, one of which is, I am following the guide to setup NORDVPN connection. However the guide does not work. I keep on getting openvpn.bin not found.

I’ve used all the guides i’ve seen on these forums and nothing works any ideas?

Also I’ve read about nyton and it attacking nas drives, I have clud off atm, and what I am hoping to do is get the pr2100 connected to nord vpn, and then access my plex server through devices outside the network also runnign nordvpn and AV. Would I still be vunerable?

I keep getting the openvpn.bin not found error as well. It says that openvpn should already be installed but I dont see it.

i see more people get this problem. add me to the list too. i need it for my breakfast recipes project. someone found an answer?