WD Play playing peek-a-boo

Once in a while, my play with display a black screen that is 1920x1080p at 60Hz instead of my “desktop”.  When I power it off with the remote, I get a flash of my background picture (with no menu or icons) before I lose the signal.  When I power it back on, I just get the same 1080p black screen.  When I switch the TV source to something else like my PC or Xbox, I get the flash of background again just before it switches.  Power cycling doesn’t seem to help.  It just starts behaving on its own.

Anyone else experience this?  What is the quick fix?

EDIT: power cycling helps only if the Play is on the TV as it boots up which means I can’t do anything else except watch it while it boots.

I did have similar issues to this when I first setup the Play and it turned out to be the HDMI cable.

Can you try swapping the cable with the Xbox for a peiod and see if this improves?

I think I figured it out.  It was WD’s dislike of my HDMI switching system.  Here’s what I did:

I turned off the WD Play’s “AUTO” setting in the Video setup.  Instead, I did a little research on my equipment’s capabilities and set the WD Play’s video output to match.

TV Signal: HDMI - 1080p - 60Hz - YCbCr (colorspace) - 12 bit depth

This means the Play won’t try to figure out all this on its own with all the AUTO settings which was mucking things up.  It’s been stable for a day.  I’ll let you know if it messed up over the long haul.