WD logo then black screen


I bought my WD TV Play in January and today when I turned it on it booted with the WD Logo and “Loading…” then it just went black. Also it does not show up on my WD Remote app on my iPhone. I have reset it, but it did not seem to work.

Is there anything else I can do or should I go back to the store?



Have you tried disconnecting the power cable for 10/15 seconds? As a troubleshooting step try connecting the power cable directly to a wall socket. 



I did that yesterday without any success, but today when I tried the WD TV Play again (it had been completly disconnetced during the night) it worked again. Strange…


I have also been noticing this erratic and intermittent behaviour.

Had this device for two weeks and it has been dissapointing.


I have the same problem, most of the times that I try to start the WDTV. This is really annoying. Does anyone have a structural solution to this problem?