Help! black screen! - resolved after reset -

I have today received my WD TV Play buyed from Amazon… i have unbox 5 minutes ago and connected to my tv used RCA.

The LED on front it’s BLUE but the TV remain BLACK 4 ever!!! NEVER APPENED!! I Turn off the WD TV Play from remote controll and i can view a screenshot on tv but after 5 seconds the Player goes shutdown!

I need to use a HDMI TV ??? I doesn’t have a HMDI TV ?? Or i need to select the RCA Output ?? How i can switch from remote control ???


OH… i have need to press RESET on bottom… at the restart i come back to select language!

Now i stay to download 1.05.47 from my wireless but i thinks it’s better i use USB Pendrive!

I need to format my pendrive before to decompress the update ???

Nope, just unzip the files to the root dir.

Ok… usefull for next update :slight_smile:

Thanks otherwise for reply on this my stupid thread :slight_smile: