WD Photos/My Cloud

I just started using the apps (btw annoying that 1 app can’t do everything) and I’m missing large numbers of photos from my phone. Ie: last three numbers are: 7320, 7287, 7226 - I checked, and yes there are photos on my phone that are not on the cloud.
Two questions:

  1. Why did it skip certain photos? Connection issue?
  2. Is there a way to force “backup” to save those photos to my cloud?

I’m worried that I’ll think I’m creating a back up with all my photos and then I’ll find that on a day that I took 30 photos, I only have 3…

Thank you for your help. I really would like to use this as my main photo backup.

Hi, what kind of phone are you using? What is the OS version on your phone? What is the app that you are using?

Not sure what the problem is, but if you use ‘manage devices’ in the mobile app, and disconnect from the device, and then re-connect (easiest if done on local network), once you have set up the backup location (re-use the existing one), it will repeat the full backup process, skipping images that are already in the backup folder.

Hi - I’m having exactly the same issue - can’t figure out how on earth to stop it happening! Did you ever figure out what was going on, or how to solve it??

It makes me not trust the autoback up feature for mycloud as when checking it has rarely managed to back up every photo!