WD My cloud refuses to backup pics from Android device

Hi, I bought my mom a MyCloud so she would have an easy was to backup and view photos from the cloud

She just recently came back from vacation, and she has 4000, which at least 25GB worth of photos

The problem is the WD Cloud app on her phone, or the cloud itself, I’m not sure which, is not receiving any of the pictures from the phone, even when connected to wifi

It’s been an extremely frustrating experience for both of us, since she just wants to upload her photos to Snapfish from her computer, and none of the pictures from her phone are showing up in the cloud

My guess is that maybe there are so many pictures that it overloads the app?

Anyways, how can I fix this for her?


What kind of phone does she have? What has she set up in the Settings on her phone? Have either of you read the User Manual for her phone and the My Cloud?

I will try that and see if that fixes the issue

It’s a Galaxy Note 3.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and use the My Cloud mobile app and have the settings for photos and videos set as shown below.

The following are the steps I use to set this up.

Open the App>Open the Menu icon, upper left side, tap on Settings, Tap on Back up options as shown above and then choose your Storage drive (WDMYCLOUD) and Location by tapping on them and selecting.