Wd photos domain error

Hı everyone .

Before i contact the wd customer service , i want to look for a solution in Wd Community.At home i am using a WDS network with a apple time capsule connect to my adsl modem , one airport express base station connected to my Wd Tv Live Hub Media Player and an airport extreme in my next door office . I have WD photos latest version installed on my iphone 4 with latest firmware and an ipad 2 with the latest firmware . 

Also my wd tv live hub is on latest firmware and connected to the internet with no problem . 

Only problem is when i finished all the setup process , on the screen i see my device telling the line waiting and when i click the wd tv live hub icon on my iphone or on my ipad , in just a sec it gives me an Domain Error ? 

What is this ? Any solution ? 

I tried like 15 times with deleting and entering the code etc etc . I hope WD customer service dont tell me to check with apple customer service :) 

Aynone else has the same connection issue ? Or just me ? 

Thanks , hope to solve this problem soon .

What configuration do you have? Are you sure you can access the files on the Hub from the online client? (Has to be tested outside of your network)

That error means that your WD TV box is not accepting external connections & we need to figure out why. Since you are on an extreme router it does not support uPnP so are going through relay. Can you try to see if you can connect to your WD TV Live Hub from your iPhone if you are on the same LAN? The iPhone App will then make a direct connection to the box. If that doesn’t accept a connection, then we’ll have to dig deeper.

I have a simular error when using WD photos on my Iphone and try to connect to my Live TV Hub using 3g

When connected to wifi (when i am on same network) there is no problem? 

Any solutions?