Issue with connecting to WD TV Live Hub Media Center

I have had my WD TV Live Hub Media Center for a few years and recently decided to try out the sharing with WD Photos.

As it stands right now I have:

WD TV Live Hub Media Center 1TB Internal Drive

3TB My Book External

1 router (WRT400N)  in computer room networked to 3 computers and to the router in the Living room

1 router (Linksys E1200) In living room with Xbox, Blueray Player, WD TV Live hub and TV on it.

I have no problems connecting anything in the living room to the net. (Netflix through TV, Updates through Blueray and WDTV and gaming over the Xbox. I also can access the WD TV from my computers in the Computer room.

The problem I am having is that I recently downloaded WD Photos for my android smartphone and this is where I start having some problems.

Step 1 Download

Step 2 Install

Step 3 Run Application and Choose the Connect Option.

At step 3 it found my Live Hub due to me being connected over my Home network with my phone. I checked to make sure I could see the files (I could) and figured it was working correctly (Even though I didnt have to enter anykind of key). But I wanted to be able to access my Photos from over the internet and also share with my other family members so I figured I would have to setup a access for that.

Step 4 I disabled Wi-Fi on my phone and checked to see if I could see my WD TV. I could not, so I knew it was now disconnected.

Step 5 I closed the app out and reopened it. I chose Connect Now and chose the first option in Connect Manually. It came up with the Enter Activation Code and I entered the one that was given to me on screen from the WDTV Device. After a few seconds my WDTV once again appeared on my phone and at this point I was thinking WOW, that was easy. So I clicked on the device and after a few seconds it popped up say that it could not access it.

At this point I was thinking that maybe it was remembering my device from the previous connection so I disconnected, removed the device and powered my phone down. I also changed the name of my WD TV by adding a 1 on the end and rebooted it. Once this was done I turned my phone back on, Loaded the program, Chose Connect Now and once again chose the first option under Connect Manually. I got a new key from my WD TV and entered that in as well and after a few seconds it found it with the new name 1  (No Wi-Fi Active). I tapped the device icon and it started working and after a few seconds “Unable to find Device” popped up.

The conclusions I have come up with is:

  1. It’s finding the WD TV over the net (since I changed my device name and it displayed the change)

  2. The program on the phone is working since I can connect with Wi-Fi and see the photos.

  3. I would think that if the phone got the code correct and found the device that it would also be able to access the WD TV.

So this is where I am stuck at. I can find the device over the net, I just can’t access the photos.

Sorry for the large post, just trying to give as much info as possible in hopes that any info will be helpful in solving this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Hi, check the link below to review the steps on how to add a mobile device on the WDTV Live Hub. Page. 

Page 202 of the manual

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Thank you for the link.

I went to page 202 and looked through that. I know that the pics shown are from a older version of the software. I didnt notice that the options under Connect Manually scrolled left and right.:manindifferent: I scrolled over to WD TV Live Hub and tapped it. I entered the activation code given to me by the WD and after a few secs I was connected and transfering pics.

Thank you very much for your help on this!