WD Photos app - change from public to any other folder?

So, I just formatted my Samsung note 9, I had WD photos up and running without any issues, and I’ve configured it to upload pictures to a specific folder not to a public one (hell know how I manage to do it !) and now I don’t remember, any one know how to do it? please help !!

Or suggest any other syncing app please

My cloud first gen :slight_smile:

Found a Solution for that: This info will help you with WD My photos


Backup and Synchronize content to and from a My Cloud with the GoodSync app. The GoodSync Windows or macOS software provides management of your Backup and Synchronization jobs. Please refer to the following article for more information: How to Install GoodSync 3rd Party App on My Cloud

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I can’t install anything since I have first gen of My cloud