This info will help you with WD My photos

Hi all, I’m using my cloud since the first My cloud is out, I love the option to sync my mobile photos with my NAS at home since I love to travel with my wife.

I was struggling to use the WD My photos app on my new S21 Ultra and didn’t understood what is the problem, as usual WD Support is useless, and after long time of investigation I’ve finally found the answer to the most annoying question, how to hell make the app to backup the photos to a defriend folder then “Public”? And I’ve found the way…

The most outrageous solution which has no logic at all, if you want to change the folder on the app, you have to make your NAS or the folder with the pictures… hold tight !!! P U B L I C !!!

Yes, in the second that I’ve changed the access to public, on the WD My Photos app, I had the option to choose another folder !!

The other app (the blue one) which called “My cloud OS 3” is working terribly so I don’t like to use it!
Hope this will help you !

What you need to change in the MY cloud:

Here is a screenshot of the app after the change:

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