WD My Cloud Mirror folder access & other Q's

Hi, just purchased WD My Cloud Mirror today. Hardware is beautiful and I absolutely love the storage.

However I am kind of dissapointed in terms of the software.

I was wondering if below are possible because when I try to do it myself, it doesn’t seem possible.

  1. Moving the entire folder to a different directory: It says “Failed to Move Directory”

  2. Moving multiple folders or files at once to a different directory: It seems impossible

  3. Using MyPhotos app for mobile, uploading pictures automatically real-time seems to be only possible under Public folder, where everyone who has the access to MyCloud can see: How can I move the designated automatic upload folder to somewhere that I want?

  4. Accessing My Cloud on the internet browser: I always have to download My Cloud app for PC/Mac.

  5. FTP: Is there any directory that I can make for a FTP? There was this one competitor item which makes its own FTP directory on behalf of myself, so it was really easy to make one. For instance if WD did that for me, it would be like *****.mycloud.com as an FTP 

  6. Not being able to log into Mirror via IP address locally: Every time I try to log in, it says ‘System is booting up. Please wait’. What’s wrong with this?

Please help answer my questions…I am extremely happy with the hardware…but it looks like there needs to be a lot of update for improving software part…


Welcome to the Community.

  1. From where is the affected folder being moved from? From a local computer? Or internally from your NAS?

  2. Yes.

  3. WD Photos only works with the Public share. The WD My Cloud app can use all shares tied your your though.

  4. Remote web access does not require constant app downloads as it only uses the initial connection to map the NAS. What is the name of the file that needs to be downloaded/installed?

  5. FTP needs to be manually triggered and configured on intended Shares. FTP access is also done manually by tracking your WAN IP address and associated ports.

  6. Are you able to upload a screenshot of this?