Phot app that works with wd my cloud

  1. I can log into my WD NAS through the My Cloud app. I can get to the folder that has my photos. I can view photos. But just one at a time. I have to close the photo and then click on the next one, and so on. It really is primitive. Is there a better, robust photo app that can be used with My Cloud to access the photos on my WD NAS? And by access I mean from a Windows laptop, not an iPhone or Android phone.

@E_Herman What is your default app for viewing your photos? I use photos. You should be able to move from photo to photo if using photos to view the pictures. Are you signing in by or just viewing them on your laptop?

By signing into I can use the keyboard arrow keys L & R to move through the pictures along with the arrows at the top left. See image below. I am in the middle of my pictures and can move either way here forward or backward. The backward arrow is circled in the image.


I can use the arrow keys on my keyboard to move back and forth through my photos. Thanks.

But only the back arrow at the top of the browser is active. But when I click on it it does not go back to the previous photo.I get this error.

But I can live with that.

So is Photos the default app that I am using ? Nothing more robust where I can see folders of photos, thumbnails, etc?

Looks like I have to close Photos, select another folder, select a photo in that folder and view. repeat.


@E_Herman I still don’t know how you are looking at your photos, which app? I signed into and I go to my share, open it and scroll down to my Photos which shows all my folders. I can look at the pictures in a certain folder then get out of it and go to another one.

You should be able to change your default app if that is what you want to do. I have Windows 10 with all updates. Here is how I would change it in Settings. See example image below. You click on Photos to see what all is available on your computer. You can look for other apps in the Microsoft Store.