WD Passport starting to backup but not finishing

Hi, my WD MyPassport portable hard drive backed up all my files successfully on my PC for 2-3 years but now when I click on the button to back up now it starts to back up - it says backing up now - but after about 15 secs. it stops backing up and reverts to saying the last backup was in February this year. So it’s not backing up. The portable hard drive isn’t full - it says there’s still hundreds of GB still available and I can access the files already backed up on it, it’s just not backing up any more. The light is coming on and off on the MyPassport which suggests that it’s working but it’s not backing up. Do you think there could be a software change that is causing this or will I have to buy a new portable hard drive ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Neil

Hi @Neilturner,

Please refer below link to use Acronis True Image for Western Digital to back up of drive:

Hope it helps!!

Hi Keerti,

yes I’ve downloaded the Acronis and I’ve successfully done a back up !



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