My WD Backup APP wont download

I start the Download and about 80% of the space fills up with blue background then it stops. I have been told by the WD Chatline that they dont support WD Back Up any longer ? This is a brand new My Passport !. They have told me I must use Acronis True Image For Western Digital which I have downloaded but not tried to use. Can anyone give me any advise ? Is MY Passport any good without the App ?
LATER-I switched on my brain after I posted above and remembered the WD download would not work until I agreed with sharing . So I agreed with sharing and my WD Back Up installed however it is now saying No Back Up Targets Found ! I understand this is a problem shared by others any advice much appreciated.

Hi @Ambienttiverton,

Support for WD Backup has ended and is no longer covered under our software support lifecycle. You may continue to use your product and related applications. Software purchases, licenses, updates and technical support are no longer provided for WD Backup.

Windows Backup, Apple Time Machine or Acronis True Image for Western Digital or an alternate 3rd party backup utility can be used instead.

Please refer below link to know WD Backup End of Support:

Hope it helps!!