Wd passport problems

First of all, why is it so incredibly difficult to find reliable answers or solutions to problems with these produkts? It is always a mess when i search for solutions.

I now have four passports that are not working. One of them may have a problem with The machinery, because i hear clicking sounds and it wont show up on my desktop. I just want to know, does that mean i can just throw it away? Is there any way to try to reset it?

I have another one that seems clean and working after i format it. But when i start to copyright files to it, an error comes up after a while. Is there a way to make it more like back to factory settings than just formating?

Grateful for any help

It can indeed be frustrating to encounter difficulties with products and struggle to find reliable solutions online. Regarding your four passports, the one emitting clicking sounds and failing to appear on your desktop might indicate a potential mechanical issue. To troubleshoot, try connecting it to a different computer with a new USB cable to rule out any computer or cable-related problems. If you suspect a mechanical fault, seeking assistance from a professional data recovery service could be advisable. For the passport experiencing errors during file copying, begin by checking the hard drive’s health using diagnostic tools and updating the firmware to the latest version to potentially resolve any software-related issues. Should the problem persist, reformatting the passport and testing it on a different computer can help identify whether the issue lies with the drive itself or the computer’s setup. Regularly backing up essential data to alternate storage solutions or cloud services is crucial, and if the passports are under warranty, reaching out to the manufacturer’s customer support might provide helpful guidance. If the devices are no longer functional and data retrieval is essential, seeking assistance from a professional data recovery service is recommended. It’s important to handle malfunctioning electronic devices carefully and refrain from attempting complex repairs without appropriate expertise to avoid exacerbating the issues.

Ok, thank you. But once again it gets confusing. I did not mention data recovery. I dont need anything on the passports. I would just like to use them again, from factory settings. I would like a simple and easy way to do that. I have tried before what you are suggesting. They have been connected to several mschines, and everytime i trouble shoot, no problems are found.

I find those genereic answers frustrating, where every possible variant is taken into account, especially when i try to say exactly what ,y problem is. I dont want to recover files. I just want to use The devices again.

I apologize for any confusion. If you want to return your passports to their factory settings, you may need to follow specific steps depending on the brand and model of the passports. Typically, there should be a reset option or a way to restore the device to its original state. Please provide the exact brand and model of your passports so I can offer you more precise instructions on how to reset them to factory settings.

If these steps don’t work, please provide more information about the specific brand and model of the passports, and I will do my best to guide you through the process of resetting them to factory settings.