MY Passport not recognized and making clicking noise

Hello, My “WD My Passport” is not recognized by the windows system(even other OS supported laptops). The hard disk makes a clicking sound when I plug into the port. Probably I may actually know the reason behind this. When I googled, it suggested that the read and write heads got corrupted.

             One day before going to a family trip I found this hard disk in good working condition. But after returning from the trip it started off with a clicking sound and stopped working. Prior to this incident the same hard disk gave several troubles. Some times it used to get detected the other times its like a dead dog. I can avail warranty till 16th sep 2016. So, can I report a RMA on the product or any other suggestions?? Please help me in this regard, Thank U.

Yes, just call WD and request an RMA, Do you have important files on the drive? 

Yeah I do have some important files(like tv series and many movies). Are they liable for data recovery?? But I read some where that they are not.

WD don’t provide data recovery, or liability for it.

They have some “recommended partners” who do, but you’ll have to pay for their services to do so. There are some software options available which in some cases may allow you do to it yourself and get some stuff back (depending on exactly what is wrong with the drive). Just do a search for data recovery or something like that and you’ll find a few options, some paid-for software, some free and some partway in between.

You’d then need to decide exactly how important your files actually are, in terms of whether they are worth splashing cash out to potentially recover or not. And of course to join the massed ranks of those who have learned the hard way that if files and data are important they should be backed up and stored in multiple places across separate drives and devices.