WD Passport not working on my new Macbook Pro

I have 2 WD passports that are 1.5 years old that have been working perfectly well on my old Mac book pro. I have upgraded to a new mac book pro and they no longer work. I am using a USB to USB-c adaptor but they don’t show up on my sidebar or desktop but I can see them in my Utilities disk. Can anyone help to let me know how i can fix this?


Hi @IDavis,

There could be a few reasons why the drive is not working. The drive itself could have failed, the partition on the drive may be damaged, the data cable may no longer be good, or the drive may no longer be getting enough power to fully spin up.

In order to understand the health of the drive, we would request you to install WD Drive Utilities and run the test :

Title: How to install WD Drive Utilities( For both Windows and MAC)
Link: How to install WD Security & WD Drive Utilities

Hi Neha,
I know the passports are working as they work on my 2014 MacBook Pro and my work laptop which is a 2019 MacAir. There is something happening with my new Mac that is stopping it from reading the passport. Can you help?