WD Passport not mounting on macbook air


Iam having WD My Paaport , which was using for the last 1 year in my macbook Air (13 Inch)… iam using this drive for my time machine backups well my other file back (movies, images etc)

since last one month thid drive is not mounting on my macbook air. i have tried both the usb port still not working, same time if connect to windos based laptop its working fine…

i have configured this drive 500 GB for apple time machine back up and 500 GB for ohter files 

can any body help me in how to resolve this issues?


Rajesh K


It is possible the partition is corrupted and you will need to format the drive in order to use It again. Note that formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it. If possible before formatting the drive you can also try using another USB cable.

I have no idea why I have not yet seen anyone post the most probable fix for this issue. I have spent hours searching with the help of Mr. Google to find lots of suggestions about formatting the drive, plugging it into another computer (as if most people have computers laying around…especially two MacBooks!)

I just went through this same issue. The external drive was not connecting no matter what I did. I even tried connecting it to some older “about to be thrown out” Windows laptops to see if it would register. It didn’t. Believe it or not, the fix only cost me $6 from Amazon. The issue was the USB cable. The drive worked fine.

My recommendation is to simply buy a $6 USB replacement and see if that does the trick before reformatting the drive, potentially losing data, even after a backup. Yes, even backups can become corrupted and getting the data back may be impossible.

I went with: (Search on Amazon) Works like a charm!
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