My Passport Drives No Longer Mount in Mac OS

I have two My Passport drives that no longer mount when my Mac reboots and the passwords are entered. I can not mount them manually as well. They both were working fine until the latest OS update from Apple. Also, the drives do not work on any of my kids Macbooks as well so I am convinced it has to do with the latest update from Apple since all of our Macs were automatically updated. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please share.

I’m also having this issue (thank the gods it’s not just me). I’ve got 2 4TB drives reformatted to Mac, one connected to my TV and the other used as a Mac back up. I just bought a new MacBook Pro and figured I’d be fine with an adaptor (I’ve been using this drive with IOS 13 on my iPad for months with no issues).

However after trying to get it to work on Catalina, with an adaptor, my HD won’t mount on either my new USB C MBP OR my current 2013 MacBook Air. It does however continue to be recognised and work with both my iPad and my Samsung TV.

I attempted First Aid using both Macs and while the disc was recognised (and greyed out), the First Aid failed both times. I’ve attached the info and hope someone knows what’s going on.
I’m terrified I’m going to lose one of my HDs…


Does anyone ever get a solution to their problems with WD Passport drives here? My Passport worked until I restarted the computer once, now WD Discovery is of no use. Diskutil hasn’t helped.Maybe conflict with Paragon on my two Seagate remote drives? Can’t get all 3 to R/W at the same time.