WD Passport not mounting on MacBook Pro

Looking for guidance: My WD Passport was setup to backup my MacBook Pro (10.10.5) through the TimeMachine.

This week, it stopped being recognized and I’ve received notices that it is unable to mount. The light goes on but my laptop doesn’t recognize it.

I’ve gone into DISK UTILITY and attempted a Repair though it stays its unable to Repair. I tried to Erase it in order to reformat and it’s unable to do this as well. (All grounded in a mounting issue.)

What other steps are available aside from purchasing software or a new external drive?

My main issue is trying to backup my laptop data/pictures so if there are other ways to do that without fixing my passport, I’m open to hear it!

Hi, you can try using a different cable just to rule out the cable. You can also try a different computer and USB port and see if that helps.

Thanks for the advice. It doesn’t work on other Macs or with a different chord. I believe the issue is with where the chord inserts. I can feel the Drive humming when I plug it in so it seems to be operating, just not mounting.

Are there places that will look at Passports and attempt to fix or is it better to replace?

Hi, sorry for the delay, I would recommend you to get in touch with WD support and see what is their recommendation.