WD Passport failing to read

I have a western digital passport (friend’s) and i can’t get it to work on my system (and other systems).
What should i do to troubleshoot the problem?
If the problem presists, What should i do?
I want the data on the drive recovered.

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

First test the physical connections.

Try different ports and a different USB cable.

Is the unit getting power? 

Is it showing under disk management?

I have a similar problem with my passport 0740. It shows in device manager both in Disk Drive as WD My Passport 0740 USB Device and in WD Drive Management Devices. But I’m unable to see the actual drive and access the files. The device shows a “working properly”, drivers are the the most current. The device is on as indicated by the blinking blue light. I’m running Windows 8.1

  • Tested different connections (on different pcs as well) and it appears that there are no problems in the connections.
  • Yes, the unit is getting power because the LED is ON and there is a slight viberation that can be felt.
  • No, It is not showing under disk management but, is showing in “Device Manager” named “WD SES Device USB Device” under “Other devices”
  • When connecting and disconnecting the disk i hear the windows notification sound that i hear usually when something is connected via USB (same when disconnecting i hear the sound notification that i usually hear when disconnecting a USB device)
  • When connecting nothing appears on “This PC” (AKA “My Computer”)
  • After few seconds (less than a minitue) the kaspersky scan (a scan that occurs when a removable storage is connected that scans it for viruses) starts trying to scan the disk’s drive but scans 0 files and then i stop it. at the same time “This PC” identifies that a storage device is connected and is assigned a drive letter (with a drive icon but no bar that indicates total storage space and free storage space of the drive) but at this time explorer (“This PC”) becomes “Not responding” and when i try to refresh the disk management, it also becomes “Not Responding”
  • (When trying again to take pictures. Explorer did not become “Not Responding” but still have the same behaviour regarding the drive)
  • After a while (The time it took me to write and test this) explorer (“This PC”) resumes and so does disk management and the drive is no longer present in “This PC” and in drive manager changes it from being under “Other devices” to being under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” having a new  name of “Unknown USB Device (Set Address Failed)”
  • When accessing properities i get to see “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
    The USB set address request failed.”
  • Capture.PNG