My Passport drive not showing although in Device Manager

My Passport was working fine. Then a few days ago, I did not appear anymore on my laptop. After downloading and installing all files I could find on WD site, I now see My Passport 07A8 in the Device Manager under Disk Drives, USB Controllers, and WD Drive Management Devices. However, it does not appear in My Computer and I cannot get into the hard drive at all.

Try checking Disk Management and see if it reads the drive, if it is in “RAW” format, the drives’ data partition may have become corrupted and you would have to investigate data recovery options.

I took it to one guy, he wasn’t able to fix it. It is reading as a CD drive now and when clicked asks for me to insert disk. Tech guy says he has a friend who might be able to fix. Just wonder if you have any more ideas?