WD Passbook weird noise

Hi there,

my WD Passbook is making this strange noise lately. Its still working but im afraid it won’t be for long anymore. I’ve changed the connected Mac/PC and the USB wire. WD Drive Utilities says everything is fine.

Any ideas?

a beeping sound usually indicates the hard drive is not getting enough power.

my WD Passports will starting beeping if i plug too many of them into a Non Powered USB Hub (plugging them into a Powered USB Hub and they stop beeping)

Have you got any other portable USB Hard drives you can test to see if it’s a power issue and if they do the same ?

I’m not sure what to advise except … backup your data NOW in case it does fail (which it probably will if there’s a problem.)

Thanks for the advice,
I’ve came across this before that’s why I’ve tried all USB ports on my MacBook und my PC (front an back) - still the same issue. I’ll try an powered USB port, if I find one :smile: