My Passport randomly making single beeps

I have a 3 month old 4TB My Passport that’s starting to make me nervous. It randomly emits a single beep, sometimes every 5-10 minutes, sometimes 2 or 3 times a minute. Nothing continuous, just one beep randomly. No other scraping, screeching or other funky noises.

Besides that everything seems perfectly fine, it’s recognized by my Mac, it stays connected (doesn’t randomly eject), I can read/write to it without issues, and the DriveDX app says it’s 100% healthy.

This is my main external, I use it constantly so I’d hate for something to go wrong with it. Luckily I have Carbon Copy Cloner scheduled to back up this drive to a different one every night at 3am, so I’m not too worried about losing data.

So while it’s performing fine, I know beeping isn’t a good sign when it comes to hard drives. Any thoughts? Should I contact WD for a repair/replacement?

What you’re likely hearing is the stepper, or “voice coil” loading/unloading or relocating the head assembly.

Is that something to worry about?

I’ve gone what seems like an hour or two without any beeps, but other times it’ll do it 5 times in a minute.