WD MyCloud "Safe Erase" Methode - which one? How many passes?

Hello there,

i just wonder what exactly happens when u hit the “full restore” option. The manual says:

“Full Restore: Reverts all settings to their default values and permanently overwrites or erases all user data and shares. It could take several hours for the process to complete.”

I want to know if the WD MyCloud on its own can perform a “secure erase” of all data and with which method they are doing this? Is this random data, all zeros or what exactly? How many passes? Was not able to see this info anywhere.

@Andre3 I don’t know how that works but if it were mine I would use my McAfee to shred it. See example image below and other information.


You can specify how thoroughly you want to shred an item—from Quick, the fastest and least thorough, to Complete, which shreds items 10 times. The more times you shred an item, the more confident you can feel, knowing your private information cannot be recovered.