WD MyCloud is offline


I’ve got a problem, when using the WD App from my Iphone. If i try uploading some photos on MyCloud, it sometimes, depending on the size of the datas, does not work. I get the message: MyCloud is offline, local datas are available. In that case, it’s not possible for me to reach the MyCloud anymore, wheter by using the dashboard nor using my access on mycloud.com. The storage isn’t reachable anymore, until taking off the electricity cable and starting the MyCloud once again. Then everything works aswell.
WD Support couldn’t help, maybe someone of you knows a solution.


See this post for one possible solution.


If using a Mac there are other threads covering uploading issues with workarounds.



I know of some of the reasons for getting this message, and some I don’t. Let’s break this message into two parts to explain it better:

"MyCloud is offline . . . " This simply means you cannot access the My Cloud with your device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) while running My Cloud app for some reason. It actually may not be “offline” ,so check it with your PC or other way to access the My Cloud other than with the app.

". . . local datas are available" this means the My Cloud app can access and play files you have downloaded with the My Cloud app to your phone, etc. and are saved in the “Downloads” section of the app. Makes sense.

So, the problem is likely within the first half of the statement. i.e., you cannot access the My Cloud device with your phone. So, be sure you are connected to your wireless network if you get this message, and figure out why if you are not connected. No signal? Weak signal, etc. Did you simply try the access too soon before My Cloud came out of sleep mode? Whatever the cause may be.

One reason I tend to get this message sometimes is because I have two WD devices linked in My Cloud app (the My Cloud NAS and the Wireless Passport) and if I had last used the Wireless passport and then want to upload photos to My Cloud, I have to remember to re-select the correct device to access from the 3-bar menu. I see I was still connected to wireless passport (even if it was now turned off) so I have to now select My Cloud device again.

That’s the issue, in a nutshell.

I have the same problem, and show up red light…

A red front panel LED indicates an error condition. Refer to the User Manual, and search the forums for ‘red led’.


Login to the MyCoud dashboard and check the user to see if the email address is present.
Re-enter the email address and save the changes to reregister the unit to Mycloud.com.

You’ll need to remove My Cloud from your mobile app and add it again.

@SBrown Who are you replying to? The six month-old OP…?

Sorry, fixes like this are silly. What if I’m 1500 miles from home and can’t access the dashboard remotely?

Agreed. It’s not a practical solution for a ‘cloud access’ device.

I wish WD would sort the problem.