Can't upload files from my iphone outside my net

I can upload files from my iphone when i’m connected to my net, but outside shows me “WDMyCloud not accesible. Local Documents are available” however i can see the content (archives, pics…) through my app for WDMyCloud.
A few days before it was working fine, but now after turning off the cloud for a few hours and turning on stops working only change the IP, the other mobiles work fine, mine is the only one that can not upload files from outside, i have try creating other user, triying user that works fine in other phone, but i always get same result from my mobile.
I would appreciate some help, and please forgive my bad english.

Best regards

What happens if you uninstall the app and try to connect again from scratch to your account outside your network using your data plan?


Are you selecting a photo from the camera roll, send to My Cloud, click “Location” and receiving the Offline message?

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