WD Mycloud 6TB Network extremely slow

Hi all,

I experienced the network speed extremely slow when copying data between my Mac/PC to WD MyCloud. My router is Netgear R7000, should be best performance and we didn’t experience this slow speed.

Just around 20-30mb/s

Any recommendation on it?

Thanks for your help

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Stanley Leung

I suspect your issues are NOT caused by your My Cloud. Most likely by your network and how things are connected.

Wired components are faster than wireless.
A gigabit router is fastest.
USB3 is faster than USB2.

It is these factors, alone or in combo with the others,that determine your max fastest speed.

Thanks Mike,

Wired network with gigabit router with CAT6 cable. Result is poor.

Have you copied any large amount of media lately? The MyCloud could be still busy indexing.

Or if you’re transferring lots of small few MB/KB files. Try larger files like 1-10GB see if that made a difference.

So far, so good. If you are using a USB2 device to transfer files, your speeds sound about right with that in the loop. I get that too, under this condition.

I get over 113MB/s with my fast NAS, but then gigabit router, gigabit network switch both PC and NAS are connected to (so router not even a factor in this case between PC and NAS), and USB3 devices connected to Win 8 quad-core PC. I get the max WD specs.

If this is a new situation for you, then did you reboot all devices in the chain?

Good try, and let me test it after home. Thanks Nazar

Mike, thanks for your sharing. May I know your model of your fast NAS (WD Mycloud 6TB?) and what is the format of your files? Hope I can get more hints on it.


There are a number of factors that affect copying speed on one’s local network.

It may help to review the following link…


Stanley, my WD NAS is one of the newer models of the past year. It is a DL2100. There are two new series, the DL and EX models, which can be configured as RAID boxes. The primary difference is the DL has a faster Intel processor than the EX series. Both series come in a 2-bay or 4-bay models. So, my DL2100 has two, 4TB Red drives linked as RAID 1.

I mostly have my media files stored on it for streaming purposes, and they are files such as larger ISO, MKV and mp4 files, and smaller mp3 and jpg files.

So, tell me what kinds of files you are transferring, and from where to where?