WD myBookLive Mobile App

Hi All
Hoping someone can help. I have the MyBookLive storage at home, and this was purchased to store all my pictures. I upload the pictures via the MyCloud app, and use the WDPhoto app to view.

I recently upgraded my mobile to the Samsung S9, which I then found out the WDPhoto app was retired, and replaced with an upgraded version of the MyCloud App. No problem there apart from the MyCloud app doesn’t work the same as the WDPhoto app in terms of viewing pictures.

In the WDPhoto app I could see the pictures as if they were in my mobile photo library, now all I can see is the name of the file, such as “20150625_124240.jpg”.

Ive looked at the settings, setup and everything on the app, I cant make it show pictures like its in the photo library. The app store picture looks different to the actual app

surely WD wouldnt have taken 10 steps back with the upgrade to WD myCloud?


Attached is a few pics of what I did see, and what I do see… If there is no way of seeing the pictures as they once were in WDPhoto, i’ll simple bin it and migrate the storage elsewhere, google or somewhere.

any suggestions

You can use an app not from WD. A popular android app for media files is Bubble/UPNP. It will display photos as well as play music and videos. Look into this app. It is also free.

Problem with that is you have to be in the local network; you cannot access the drive remotely as was the case with the MBL app.