WD Photos - upload pictures from mobile phone

WD Photo
is the mobile phone app mostly to be used as a viewer of the pictures in MyCloud or it should be used to upload picture from the Camera Roll?

Hello there,

The app can be used in both ways, the WD photo app lets you send pictures with less steps than the My Cloud app, hope this helps.

thanks for your reply …
i am at the beginning of setting up and doing some trials before the final setting
could you advise, what would be the best practice on uploading the “camera roll”, from WD MyCloud app or from WD Photo app?
many thanks indeed

WD Photo app is the much older of two WD mobile apps. The newest and frequently updated app is called My Cloud. Have you tried this app at all? I suggest you 'modernize:" and use it. Keep My Photo on your mobile device until you have My Cloud installed and are familiar using it. I think you will eventually delete My Photo for My Cloud, because it has more features (also plays music and videos).and is “today’s” app for now and into the future.

thanks for your reply
it is good to know that WD MyCloud mobile app is the latest and most updated app to use …
i saw some video on YouTube which make me want to try WD Photo app
but is the former is newest and better i dont need to have 2 app on my phone to do the same function