WD MyBook locked me OUT!

My Book 4TB has locked me out. When I set it up I entered a password for emergency purposes and I checked the do not require pw function for me. It always required me to manuelly open it dispite the fact that I do not turn the computer off. 

But now it has locked me and requires the pass code, to add insult to injure when I do type in the code it says that IT IS WRONG!!!  I called this morning and a nice represenative gave me a possible fix. She said the procedure is contingent on finding a “link” within the wdc.com web site. I have looked around, I have yet to find anything remotely close to her explanation. If anyone can give me a clue, I will appreciate the assist.

I will start with the firmware and software updates and see if that sparks something for now. I pray someone may have mercy on me.

Technological Inept College Senior

Hi bsloan,

If you don’t require the information in the device then you only need to fail the password prompt 5 times and the unit will offer to format itself so you can regain access to the device. If you are 100% sure that you know the password then it sounds like it may have been corrupted, in which case there isn’t much that can be done afaik.

Did you do any kind of maintenance to your computer at all, before the issue started?