My WD Mybook stopped working

i have a 3tb my book. it has just stopped working. i had lock encryption in stalled so i normally saw 2 drives attached. one drive popped up and asked for the password. once i entered it and unlocked the hard drive, i could see the contents. now i do get one drive showing up (probably the unlocker), but when i go to access it it tells me i can’t access it.
i have thousands of pictures on it (not backed up), i use it for storage and was in the process of changing my b/u srtategy. just bought a new wd drive yesterday for that purpose.
any help? i’m desperate and heartbroken to lose special pictures…

Have you tried the drive on another computer? I also notice you state you enabled encryption. If iy does not work on another computer then you may need to contact WD support for assistance.