WD MyBook Live 2T - Relay/Port Forwarding Question

I setup the unit about 2 weeks ago and right away it connected to WD2GO using Relay (No manual port forwarding) and worked great for 10 days. Then for some reason I decided to try port forwarding and manually setup my firewall and Mybook and this also worked but after doing some security scans I didnt like that I had to have two ports exposed to the internet and decided to undo this and go back using Relay. To revert back I un-did the changes in Mybook and firewall and then rebooted both units but now Mybook fails to connect with relay and I cant figure out why.

I have two questions

  1. Has anyone come across this and found a solution?

  2. If I go back to using port forwarding am I right in that this is less secure and has some risks?

A 3rd question is

  1. Can I restrict the source IP address when using port forwarding to make this more secure? Does the wd2go.com have one ip address or many?