Why do my files run through the WD servers to my MyBook Live?

Curious as to why my files have to run through the WD servers to get to my own MyBook Live connected to my network at my house.  Maybe I was naive in thinking that when I connect it has nothing to do with WD servers.  Not saying I am pissed or anything, just wanting to understand why it uses the WD servers because to me it kind of comes across as an intrusion of privacy if it isn’t stated anywhere that it would use the WD servers.  Maybe I’ve overlooked that part tell me that when I set it all up, and if so that is my own fault, but if not then I think WD owes us an explanation.

I think it uses WD servers to find your NAS.   But if you use Port Forwarding configuration, it does not use WD servers to move data, only for finding the connection.

If you use Relay mode, then yes, it must use WD’s servers, but the term “Relay” does tell you that it is using WD servers.

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All good, and thank you for the info.  That is what I was looking for so I could understand what was going on.  Only reason this came up is because of the issues connecting to the MyBook Live at my house right now because of the connectivity issues WD is having with there servers.

Assuming you have a setup, how do you have your’s working? Relay, port fowarding or etc.?  And if so, can you point me into that direction?  Thanks again.

Mine is using Port Forwarding, but like everyone else, mine is not working right now due to the service outage.

It uses port forwarding as long as you have your router configured manually or if it uses UPnP to establish port forwarding.

Otherwise, it uses Relay.

In my case, my router uses UPnP.

I just didn’t know if there was a way around the outage since it is taking forever to fix it seems.