WD MyBook 1140 Doesn't Show up in My Computer

This seems to be a somewhat popular topic, but I have yet to find any other threads with the same

I have recently begun having problems with my 2TB MyBook, in that I have what seems to be the common problem of “My device doesn’t show up in My Computer, but it shows up in Computer Manager”.

The problem only seems to have occurred after I reformatted my HD from FAT32 to NTFS, using the built-in Windows Vista converter. The device functioned perfectly until I unplugged it from my laptop to plug it into my XBOX 360. Since then, I have managed to open and use the device on a friend’s MacBook to view some of the files, so I know it is all still there and functioning, but there is a problem with the interactions with Windows OS. My own Windows Vista, and a friend’s Windows 7 computer both failed to find the device. Driver Software is completely updated.

Within the Computer Manager, Windows does not list anything under the “File System” column. The Device Properties option states that the drive is working.

I’ve got a large quantity of personal and important information on this device, and so I am trying to avoid completely reformatting the device, and there’s no way for me to back the information up, as my laptop only has a 220G Hard Drive to begin with, and there’s no way I can fit 5-600G worth of information on here.

Thanks ahead for any help.

Attached is a picture of my Computer Manager screen, if it helps with anything.

Try using chkdsk if possible

check the drive with DLG

i have similar problem.  How can i use chkdsk if i cannot even assign a letter to my HD.  PLEASE, but P L E A S E somebody helps with this VERY popular topic.  I dont wanna lose all my data, i have it all there… P L E A S E

there is no way as i tried to hard for solving this.just if you have ps3 use it to back up your data to another hard. or if you dont have it like me just format yur drive so it will be discover by my computer then use data recovey programms to recover your data and put your 2 weeks or a mount of your life to sort your data. there are no other companies to buy hard dis form and seagate and western are one company and we have no choice. email support center of WD and argue about this problem and make them to give some solution.i see hundred of peoples in internet whom has this problem and unsolved.:angry:

Help please.

I very recently bought the WD MyBook 1140 2tb. After connecting it to my laptop and finding it working okay, I transfered about 20 Gb of pictures and docs to it.

After that first time – I cannot access the drive. It does not show in my Win Explorer as a drive – its completely invisible.

However, as stated above, the driver seems to be working correctly and the Driver Manager does see and report that the drive is ‘working properly’.

So – how do I access it?? I mean really. This is brand new and the 20 Gb of data is important.

There seems to be something in the MyBook that is cloaking it. 

Help please. This is exceptionally frustrating as my first experience with a WD drive.

Check the unit on Disk management,

Right click on My computer and click on manage. you will see an option that says Disk management. Check how’s the drive is showing over there.