WD My Passport Wireless Pro Network Psswrd Problem

I just got a WD My PassPort Wireless Pro for xmas. Pretty sure it was purchased used because it did not come with any stickers, books, papers, adapters… nothing. I just have the drive and the weird cord it uses. Anyways

Everything is working just fine. I’ve formatted the drive so it is read/write capable for my MacBook, however, of course, when I go to connect to it’s WiFi signal I am password prompted. I know that these come with a factory password for new owners, but as I previously mentioned either the person who sold the product or the person who wrapped it as a present got rid of all original packaging, notes, papers, stickers… again, everything.

So… do I have a really plain looking, yet expensive paperweight on my hands? Is there anyway to either retrieve the original factory password? Or someway to set the password to one of my choosing?



You could refer to the following link :https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16250