Hardware factory reset

Hi there,
I’ve just bought a used WD My Passport Pro wifi 3tb but the original owner has forgotten the password.
I’ trying to do a factory reset using the method described in the manual.
(Hold both buttons down for 10 seconds etc…) but just does not work for me.

The drive is fine I can use it via USB 3 but that’s not why I purchased it.
Typical the guy I bought it from doesn’t remember PW so it’s vital for me to restore to it’s factory state.

I’ve looked and I’ve looked but I can’t find a software tool from WD that can do it.
Can anyone help me please because without a full factory reset I’ve wasted a lot of money !

I’ve been able to start what looks like a hardware reset.
Both the Hard drive and the Wi-Fi blue lights are flashing.

It is a 3TB HD (not SSD) and it’s been running now for 4 and 1/2 Hours.
I am expecting it to take a while but does anyone have an idea as to how long it might take?

Even a rough guess please would help!

Took about 22 hrs for the two blue lights to stop flashing (now a steady blue).

I can see the drive as a wifi Network.
Still configured with one 2.4Ghz and one 5Ghz wifi access points both still password protected.

So 22hrs of what looked like formatting for nothing whatso ever!
Also I can’t seem to find the Dashboard program what will allow me to do the quick format via software. Can someone point me in the right direction please?


Hello, did he change the factory password or keeping it? Because the password is the 8 last characters of serial number of HDD.

Hi Kg5,

Yes the previous owner changed the default password.
So I’m guessing I’m going to have to format the drive and start all over again.

If I do that, does anyone know if the basic software that currently resides on the hard drive contains all the software to rebuild it?
(Assuming I’ve made a complete copy of it)

Or is there a location where I can download the complete bundle?

Can someone help[ me please as I’m starting to punk my hair out over this!


If you have USB access to the drive, copy all content aside, and then do a re-install of the firmware using an sdcard, i.e.

  • Format the sdcard to FAT32
  • Make a folder called “update” on the card
  • Put latest firmware in the folder
  • Make sure, the unit is charged to +50%
  • Turn off unit
  • Disconnect any wired power
  • Put the sdcard in the the builtin card reader
  • Briefly touch the power button, and as soon as you see the power led lit, release it and press and hold the WPS button for 5 secs until the the battery leds turns off

This will initiate a firmware reinstall, and when successful, bring back the wifi passwords to match the wifi code label on the unit (the last eight digits from the serial number of the hard drive in the unit). If the label has been misplaced or the previous owner has replaced the disk inside, use WD Data Lifeguard software - Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support. Upon successful wifi connection, the unit should then be reachable on

  • when successful, copy back the files you started copying aside
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Your an absolute star and a life saver!
Followed your instructions to the letter and hey presto it works.

To be honest I bought it from a guy who only used it a few times.
Decent guy but he’d hadn’t used it foe a while and had forgotten the PW.

So I took a chance and I was beginning to think I’d bought a bite of a lemming. One fairly expensive door stop.

But you saved my sanity, brilliant!

Have a great weekend.
Mike ;0)

Good to hear :wink: Enjoy

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