WD My Passport will not update new or amended files

One of my clients has a 1TB My Passport drive and although I successfully set it up to make regular backups of his files, the software/drive no longer actually updates the backup on his WD Drive.
I’ve tried continuous backups as well as daily backups, neither will successfully backup any files.

Can anyone suggest some options for this please?

Bearing in mind I cannot gain immediate access to the drive/computer but have to wait for him to contact me.

Thank you for any help offered. David

Which backup utility is the one used to handle the backup? Other than ensuring the hard drive is connected and not hibernating during the backup then there’s not much that can be done to ensure the application is properly running. Are you using WD SmartWare?

@Trancer Thank you for replying. Sorry I didn’t make it clear that we are running the latest version of WD Smartware to backup. I know it’s the latest as before I tried to sort things out yet again, I did “Check for Updates” and the result was “you are running the latest version”.

So far as I can tell, the My Passport is not hibernating.

Thanks again

Did your customer navigate the WD SmartWare backup folder within the WD Passport drive? New files are added directly without starting the backup over, which can give the illusion of the backup not running.

Yes, he does that, and I’ve checked it too, files within his main My Documents folders that are new, so far do not appear within the My Passport backup folders. Each time I visit there are new images on his hard drive, and I have to manually copy them to the My Passport as they never appear otherwise.

Also, if he updates a word doc, the matching file saved on his My Passport drive, never updates even though WD Smartware says it is saving…