WD Smartware not backing up new additions to tagged folders

Hi there,

Recently i have added a folder of roughly 1200 pictures and 30 videos to a folder that is tagged for update. I have it set to continuous update so that whenever i plug the WD My Passport Ultra in it updates automatically.

However now it is juts hanging on the copying files with the advancing bar in the top left corner. Nothing is updating and when i go to the WD SmartWare.swstor folder, the new files are not there either.

Have just updated to the latest version of the software and still no luck.

Could you please advise on what to do?

Thank You


Hello there, welcome to the community.

What operating system do you have? Have you attempted to stop the backup and then restarted? Have you restarted your computer?


I am experiencing similar issues.

I have uninstalled the product, re-installed the product several times without any success.

Other posts suggest using version 1.6.5 (as this works) -

please can you advise where I can download this.



As of just after noon here today (Tuesday 25th), both of our two Passport Ultras are working again… no idea why, but “suddenly” started backing up as they’d each done previously!

Happy bunny,