WD MY PASSPORT is not updating files on My Passport. .Help Please!

My WD My Passport is not updating any of the files that are currently on My Passport.  I drug the folders that I wanted on the external hard drive over from the windows explorer.  When I first plugged My Passport in to the computer it did not copy folders and I could not find out what was on My Passport.  Someone who had one told me to just drag the ones I wanted over to the external hard drive.  Now I can see which folders are on the hard drive, but they are the ones I put there and there are no updates on any of the folders.  Help please. . .what do I do to get the updates to automatically take place on the external hard drive?

If you want the files to update automatically, you will need to use a backup software…

If you moved the files manually, the files wont be updated automatically.

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  • I thought My Passport was for backing uo my files. . .am I wrong?  If so what do you recommend?

  • Yes, I did move files to the external drive manually. . .do I need to empty My Passport and start over?  If I start over and copy by file, then can I check the drive and know which files have been backed up>

  • I am new at all this and have never backed up my compuer or had a hard drive.  I just need someone to let me know how to use My Passport correctly.

Thank you for your time.