1tb passport not backing up

I have a 1tb passport HD. The backup software is currently set for constant (live) backup. The software shows that it is backing up however the last modified date shows 2014 for the backup file. Since this is a live backup I thought that maybe it just keeps the original date BUT no recent files seem to have been saved.
When I drill down to the individual folders on the passport there are no new files there either.
I have double checked the settings in the backup software to make sure the destination is actually set for the passport.


What backup software are you using to backup your files?

WD Smart ware…came with the passport.


I recommend you uninstall and reinstall WD Smartware.

I think I found it. It’s an encrypted file buried about 3 folders down.
We were looking at a file-for-file backup that never changed.
So next question is…Is there any way to recover individual files from
the backup file?? Or do I need to buy the pro version for that?
The software looks like when you do a recovery it’s all or nothing.