Copied Files to new Passport and didn’t set up backup software. Is there a fix?

Hi: Please forgive me if I am not as clear as I should be. I am new to this sort of thing and a bit confused. I bought a 1 Terabyte Passport Ultra recently to backup files. I just began to use it and now have found out that there is special software that is part of the drive that will back up my files for me. I watched a few videos on youtube and think I may be able to figure it out.
My problem is that the software is no available to me on the drive. Did I ruin the drive as regards the automatic backup? Is there a way by transferring all the data on the drive to another one I have that the software will become visible to me and I can go about setting it up? I hope so. I don’t mind buying another but it seems a waste of a good product.
Thank you all for any help and direction you can provide.


Any software that was included on the drive is also available for download at WD support page.

Can you share the model number of your drive in order to figure out what software it came with?

Hello Hamlet:
Thank you for contacting me. I have been unable to write till know so please excuse my tardiness.
The back of my drive says WDBZFPOO10BBK-04.
Do I transfer all my files out of the drive and then download the software? Any suggestions would be appreciated
Best Regards and thanks,

If you want to have the files on your computer and have a backup on your drive then I recommend you copy the files back to the computer and then run the WD Smartware backup software.

Click on this link to download the WD Smartware backup software.

Thank you Hamlet. Paul