WD My Passport Ultra

I hope this is the right section, would really like some help ASAP. So pretty much I don’t know if I just wasted $100 on the My Passport Ultra, I’m trying to use this USB to store data from my computer so I can wipe it, I found a tutorial on how to re-install windows with a hard drive. I accidently “Cleaned” the hard drive, which now doesn’t even let me use this anymore…

Is there any way to fix this, will be pretty pissed if I got to pay some ridiculous price. Not sure if there’s a way to install new software with this plugged in, only thing is when I plug it in now it doesn’t show up as a hard drive on my computer. My computer still notices that it’s plugged in, but I just can’t even access this anymore.

P.S: The light shows up and everything for this as well, even tried plugging it into my laptop and restarting my computer…

EDIT: I managed to solve the problem following this tutorial -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90u_S5mmrk4

I’m not sure if this is a good alternative to fixing the issue, and if this is considered a permanent fix where I won’t run into the issue everytime I restart my computer.

Hi there, 

I’m glad that you were able to fix your unit, lets hope this post helps other users solve the same issue.