My Passport Ultra (3tb) STOPPED WORKING! HELP!


I have literally had this drive for 2 days and it stopped working!!! I usually save packaging, just in case,but for some reason I decided to throw it outlast night… Yesterday, I installed the software that it suggested, transferred files to the drive, and today my computer now only recognizes it as a USB connection only…and not as a drive. I remember there being some type of error message before I left my computer, but I was too tired to pay attention.

I used the safe eject option on my computer to remove, then plugged it several times, but nothing… I then uninstalled all the software, in hopes that would help. Nope…

Please, anyone, help!!!


Have you checked your Device Manager? that may have red or yellow warning signs. Or you can try hardware troubleshooting under Control Panel.

Thank you for the response!! I tried both and couldn’t find anything that helped. I ended up contacting the seller and they sent me a new one. Thank you for your assistance!