WD My Passport Ultra not recognized in Macbook Retina Display late 2013 model

Hello WD Community! 

I just plugged in my WD HD My Passport Ultra USB 3 in my macbook and it was not recognized. I bought the hard drive over a year ago, and it perfectly worked with my mac, until tonight. I don’t know what seems to be the problem, or what is causing the non-recognition, but I haven’t used this HD in any other non-apple computer. I’ve plugged it to my roommate’s mac, still it wasn’t recognized.

I’ve read in the Apple Community forum on WD HD problems, and I tried one of the recommended fix, which is opening the disk utility, and running the disk repair, still it didn’t worked. It says the disk utility repair can’t fix my HD and the system recommended reformatting. I think the latter would be my VERY LAST resort. I have a 1 TB drive, and all my files are there, school stuff, and lots of movies!!! Can someone help me fix this? Thank you! 


I recommend you try some basic troubleshooting.

Try replacing the USB cable. If you have a desktop computer try plugging it on the back USB and not the frront. Avoid any USB Hubs.

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Not sure if this was done but when repairing permissions make sure you selected the HD shown in the pic below & NOT the WD drive…

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Thanks for the reply guys! Fortunately, my hard drive was restored. :slight_smile: I’ve tried all your suggestions, as well as suggestions from various online fora, such as this. I’ve even contacted Apple Support to help me solve the problem. But it turned out, I just explored the disk utility application. I repeatedly opened the app due to its numerous crashes, which made me opened related applications such as, Time Machine and Startup Disk (by the way, crashes on Disk Utility occurred right after I updated to OS X El Capitan) After a while, viola! My hard drive appeared on my desktop, as well as on Finder. I was very happy that all the files are intact! :wink:

This may not pinpoint a specific solution to a problematic HD, but I just wanna suggest that you extend your patience with your HD, and let it rest for a while. :slight_smile: To possibly avoid future issues such as this, I ran the First Aid button on Disk Utility for repairs.  

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